Destiny versus free will

Are our lives pre-determined? Or do we determine them? Does the past play a part? Are humans free agents or pawns in the hands of fate? Does God determine our life? Or stars or luck; or retribution or co-incidence? Or are we masters of our fate?

4 Responses to Destiny versus free will

  1. jitender says:

    Very deep / revealing theory being shared thanks.
    If I can get more pointers to books / lectures on what a person can do to improve his free-will. As per theory it is beyond intellect, and it is unconditioned.

    • janki says:

      One cannot improve one’s free will. However, one can improve one’s intellect. This is done through reflection on the knowledge of Vedanta. This knowledge is available in the book Vedanta Treatise The Eternities by A. Parthasarathy. Other resources include:
      The YouTube channel Team Janki Santoke
      Vedanta classes by alumni of Vedanta Academy in your city
      Online lectures available on the Facebook page Vedanta Institute Mumbai and How Do You Know What You Know.
      Hope that helps.

  2. Manish Shah says:

    Great lecture and very subtle.
    Same question? How to make free-will or the choices we make better?
    Preachers of meditation recommend meditation for the same.
    Right or wrong?

    • janki says:

      Using meditation for better choices doesn’t stand up to reason.
      The way to make better choices is to develop the intellect. This is done through reflection on the information contained in Vedanta or other knowledge. Depending of course on which area the decision is.

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