What is pure love


What is pure love — There are, today, a plethora of failing relationships, whether they be on the domestic front or the professional one. At home, at work, in sports, in the community, all around one finds a disturbing disharmony in human relationships.

The discourse on ‘What is Pure Love’ seeks to analyse the cause of this. It does not dispense solutions as much as analyse the mechanism. It seeks a perception in to the real problem: Where are all these issues stemming from?

A clear understanding of the cause ensures the problems don’t recur in another area. Understanding the genesis of these troubles will solve all relationship issues, be they on any front.  View the video of a public lecture given by Jankiji on the subject  at the Prempuri ashram on 15-8-2012.

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    thank you very much. sitting@blore am able to listen to you. Thank you

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