Corporate Life – Conquer Challenges

Corporate life throws up many challenges. One may experience a lack of achievement or a lack of fulfillment in spite of achievement; the non-cooperation of colleagues or the feeling that one is not reaching one’s potential; that the work-life balance is absent or success comes at the cost of health or one may have some unique problems of one’s own. There is only one solution: clarity of thought.

Vedanta helps one build clarity of thought. When one is able to think straight, all aspects of life fall into place.

Vedanta sharpens the intellect. The intellect then discriminates correctly and ensures right action. The same work takes less time. Teamwork becomes second nature. Stress is a thing of the past. The work environment improves substantially. Ethics become integral and leadership focused. Innovation and creativity become ubiquitous.

As one can imagine, this knowledge impacts all of life, be it our material relationships, parental response, social roles or health. A balanced life then not only impacts and improves productivity at work but is also deeply fulfilling

2 Responses to Corporate Life – Conquer Challenges

  1. praveen says:

    Dear Madam,

    it’s been said that one who knows how to think doesn’t need teachers.what does it mean ?
    is that person an enlightened one who realised the truth (self-realised)?or he thinks straightly .what does thinking straight means ?how to think straight?is it again exploring the truth or anything else ?please let me know

    thanks & regards

  2. janki says:

    Hari Om Pravin.

    One does not need textbooks and teachers to gain knowledge. Newton did not study his theories in any school nor was Shakespeare taught to write. They did it themselves. Their intellects were sharp enough to learn from life itself. For the rest of us, we need to learn what they discovered. If we develop our intellects, we too one day will be able to contribute to the stock of knowledge.

    Intellect develops by study and reflection on the Vedantic truths. You may consider reading Swami Parthasarathy’s book ‘Fall of the Human Intellect’.

    Also you may like to attend our upcoming programme on ‘Learning to Think’ on 28th Sept at Sofitel, Mumbai. The details are on this website.

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