Vedanta for Life

Vedanta is an ancient Indian philosophy. It contains the knowledge of the Eternities, the eternal laws that govern life and living. Knowledge of these laws helps one achieve one’s full potential, in both, the inner and outer worlds.

Introducing Dr. Janki Santoke

Dr. Janki Santoke (PhD, Philosophy) is a senior disciple of world-renowned guru, Swami A. Parthasarathy. She has spent more than three decades disseminating the knowledge of Vedanta to the general public, helping enhance the quality of their lives. She facilitates this through online weekly sessions, public talks, workshops, seminars, retreats and written articles.

Her popular YouTube channel, Team Janki Santoke, has a number of resources to study Vedanta. There are short videos on Vedantic views on contemporary issues, her interviews by prominent personalities, recordings of her weekly online sessions, and much more.

Her first book How Do You Know What You Know? investigates thinking and its effect on one’s life through an interesting amalgamation of Indian epistemology, Vedanta, mythology, psychology, logic and literature. Also available on Kindle.

Her second book The happiness GUARANTEE  delves into the foundational principles of happiness, exposing why our pursuit often leads astray. Uncover the role of desire and master the mind for lasting joy. Also available on Kindle.

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