Power of thought


Power of thought  —  What determines our life? This is a crucial question for those who intend to make something of life. If we find life important you cannot afford to ignore this question. Is my life determined by me? Or by fate? Or by God? Or chance? It is easy to have an opinion but is there a rational way to come to any reasonable conclusion? Vedanta gives a scientific and logical answer to this question. It examines the effect of various factors and anyalyses the power of thought. It sets us thinking about destiny verses free will.
View the video of a public lecture given by Jankiji on the subject at the Prempuri ashram on 29/11/2011.


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  1. Arun sehgal says:

    Brilliant. the speaker herself demonstrates in her lecture the power of her thought.
    Power of thought improves through contemplation and gives you clarity. The clarity in your thinking requires clarity of goal. Once the goal is Clear then think and act only for that goal. No distraction. You will get to your goal.
    Very inspiring lecture , a must waTch ,specially for the youngsters, who have a life ahead of them and who wish to make their life meaningful and purposeful.
    Philosophical concept explained in simple language which an average person can understand.

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